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Frank Gratitude Journal - Kraft

Frank Gratitude Journal - Kraft

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What do you love about today?

Is it the way the sunshine reminds you that it’s good to be alive, or simply that you’re wearing your favourite jeans. Use the space created within the pages of this journal to practice gratitude, and see the world through a lens of wonder every day.  

145 x 216mm
Delicate gold foil
Soft to the touch cover
Thick paper that is a pleasure to write on
Words of wisdom to inspire you
3 Gratitude spaces each day
Pockets for keepsakes and memories.

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Frank is a New Zealand company with a real heart. For every piece of stationery you buy, Frank gives a school book to a child in need. Their mission is to provide every child in need in New Zealand with the stationery they need to complete their education, and as at October 2018, they have given over 45,000 exercise books to kids in need. Brilliant.