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Jujobaby is an Australian baby accessory design company created by Julia Stafford. It was born from the desire to nurture and cocoon her own baby in something as beautiful, delicate and unique as she was, through feeling soft luxe yarns and the warmth of being wrapped cosily in a luxurious knitwear piece. Creating beautiful knitted fabrics and garments have been Julia's passion and career path for the past 20 years. Having worked for some of the biggest fashion houses in the UK and Australia, she wanted to create bespoke knitwear pieces that could hold a precious memory with every stitch.

Jujobaby knitwear collection offers a boutique range that combines exceptional quality with easy care (all of her garments are machine washable), affordability and beautiful designs. Using traditional knitting techniques such as Fairisle, cables and Aran with a contemporary palette and styling detail the range is traditional with a twist.

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