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The production of Tenimuhoh products starts by visiting organic farms and spinning plants. They believe in being involved with the growers to inspect the quality of the raw materials. They work hand in hand with 40 Japanese factories and produce products of superb quality.

The region where imabari towels are produced is blessed with soft water with very little content of  heavy metals, such as the subsoil water of Soja River that runs from the Takanawa Mountain Range and underground water coming from the sacred Mt. Ishizuchi. Through bleaching using water of such fine quality, it is possible to produce fabrics that are delicate and soft to the touch and showing vibrant colours. This has helped improve the dyeing technique of the Imabari towel production area, making this area Japan’s largest towel production area. Imabari towels are characteristic in that they absorb sweat and water quickly and are gentle to the skin, without leaving your skin feeling sticky after wiping off sweat or drying your body after a bath.

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