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Noble Handcrafted US Matured Maple Syrup 02

Noble Handcrafted US Matured Maple Syrup 02

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Tahitian vanilla bean and Egyptian chamomile blossom matured maple syrup. The delicate, floral and fruity aroma of the Tahitian vanilla bean is one of those true and classic culinary delights. The buttery apple-like flavor of Egyptian chamomile blossoms helps to create a delicate balance of flavour and aroma for this unique blend. You will find this syrup to have fruity and floral tones with a strong vanilla finish.

Medium Amber grade maple syrup, Tahitian vanilla bean, Egyptian chamomile blossoms.


Noble Handcrafted is renowned in the food world as the go-to source for wild foraged goods. Based in SeaTac, Washington, this artisan outfit has a roster of famous chefs singing their praises for innovative flavour profiles, naturally sourced ingredients, and adhering to a strict forest-to-table standard.