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Venque Canada Duffle Pack - 1.0 Black

Venque Canada Duffle Pack - 1.0 Black

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Venque's Duffle Pack 1.0: offering two ways of carrying. It's the only duffle bag you'll ever need whether you're travelling or hitting the gym. Like all of their bags, they design every single piece from scratch, using their signature Quanta fabric, two handle directions, and seat belt grade straps. You can put all of your travel clothes and gear into this bag. Duffle Pack 1.0 has an external slide-through compartment that you can hook onto your luggage handle, making it easier to carry with your luggage. This bag is not simply for travel use: this is also a gym bag. It comes with a shoe organiser that fits your shoes, or your gym gear. The organiser has a waterproof interior - nothing can leak from this pouch. We understand that sometimes it's difficult to carry your duffle with one hand or on one shoulder, so they designed two straps that can hook onto your duffle, converting your duffle into a backpack.

Top grade Quanta fabric
Real leather
Two handle directions - seat belt grade straps
Two ways of carrying - duffel bag and backpack
Water and weather repellent
The organiser Has a waterproof and leakproof interior
Maximum weight allowance is 59kg
It is 47 x 32 x 17cm and weighs 0.7kg.

Venque is a Canadian brand founded by the brothers Viktor and Simon from Toronto. Venque represents the bridge between a minimalistic and functional approach to design that is equally informed by the natural resources and landscape of Canada. The bags of Venque are made by the Quanta Fabric in combination with leather. The Quanta Fabric delivers on both durability and performance and is water and dust repellent, anti-scratch, high-density, and stain resistant. Venque combines design, quality and durability.