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A Mother is a House

A Mother is a House

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This crisp and contemporary picture book in verse offers a unique baby’s eye view of the first year, from birth to first steps. A mother is a nest, a vehicle, a mirror… The baby sees their mother in every aspect of their day. As the pages go by, the child grows. The mother who was a refuge becomes a road, a story and a show. On the final page, the child is ready to take their first steps. Because a mother is a home that you carry inside you forever.

A Mother Is a House looks through the baby’s eyes for an unexpected and affecting picture of parents and home—shown through bright, contemporary illustrations and special inks.

Written by Aurore Petit
Translated by Daniel Hahn

Country of Origin - France
Reader Age - 0-2 year, 2-5 year
48 pages
24 × 17cm.