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Andrea & Joen Sleep Eye Mask

Andrea & Joen Sleep Eye Mask

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On a long-haul flight, or just in bed and need to block out the world, then this very stylish padded French linen eye mask is the thing.

We have these available in Denim.

Andrea & Joen is an Australian fashion label created by unsurprisingly... Andrea & Joen. They are amazing women... and they are sisters. Both have backgrounds in design, with mixed design principles their inspirations and details are seen from different perspectives. Joen has a bold eye for colour and shape, whilst Andrea has an eye for unique details and trends. Modern luxury meets simplicity of design. Andrea & Joen linen is a mix of luxury and sophistication with understated style.  Synonymous with the Andrea & Joen philosophy, the essence of Andrea & Joen Loungewear is beautiful minimalist cuts with slightly oversized relaxed silhouettes. All loungewear pieces are made from luxurious linen, with refined attention to detail for an effortless and contemporary look.