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Ashley & Co Awoof Dog Wash - Dog Shampoo

Ashley & Co Awoof Dog Wash - Dog Shampoo

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Introducing Awoof Wash. Ashley & Co's first release from their new Pet Care line. Every sprightly and spirited pup deserves a top notch wash, and now they can get it! 100% natural and loaded with plant-based oils and extracts that both cleanse and soothe pup’s coat without stripping it of its natural, doggy goodness.

For those with a keen nose, Awoof Wash brand new fragrance, Doug, Dug & Dug. Crab Apple, Wild Iris and Rose mingle with the freshness of Pineapple, Rhubarb and Cut Grass...get your pup ready for an up-close snuggle.

Botanical fresh first, @ashleyandcosociety carefully selected botanicals and plant-based essential oils not only for scent, but to deliver the most beneficial, nourishing and protective qualities. Awoof Wash is low irritant and soothing for all dog breeds (and kind to owners hands too).

Awoof wash will have your pup smelling sweet from the finest botanicals and plant based essential oils, both cleansing and soothing his coat.

Celebrate the sniff!

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Made in New Zealand and committed to creating beautiful and functional products for your home. The challenge: discovering the new old. By utilising their unique perspectives about art and design, Ashley & Co re-defines traditional household objects and ideas, giving them a contemporary twist. From the packaging to the ingredients, the products produced are both for ones enjoyment and importantly necessary to the completeness of ones home. By manufacturing locally, from screenprinting bottles, filling to packaging printing, embossing and foiling they reduce their environmental footprint.