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Base Ditty Toiletries Bag - Citrus

Base Ditty Toiletries Bag - Citrus

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Your ultimate travel companion. Rectangle shape allows you to stuff and stack. Like Tetris if all the blocks were the same. Use one for your socks and undies. Another for travel tech. A third for cosmetics and toiletries. Stack them in your suitcase and have more room for shopping.

Made from stretch jersey knit fabric backed with soft and spongy neoprene. Topped with a nylon webbing handle to hang from the back of a door. The ditty base is lightweight and compact. But don’t let the size fool you. There’s a lot you can fit in your ditty base: all those chargers for your daily tech, shaver and cream for a weekend away, makeup and brushes to go from desk to bar.

Your ditty base folds flat when not in use. Keep a few on hand to make packing fast and simple.

Made from spongy, perforated neoprene and soft jersey
Nylon webbing strap for easy carrying and hanging
Durable zipper to keep your stuff safe
Lightweight, durable and machine washable
Designed to mix-and-match with the rest of the Base collection.

21cm w x 11cm h x 9cm d.

Base is an Australian company based in Melbourne and is the creation of Belinda Alexander. After finding herself constantly packing (and repacking) for days out and weekends away, Belinda decided she needed to create a base for her basics. So, along with her amazing team, she developed the first collection of base bags. Made from perforated jersey backed with soft neoprene, they were simple, practical and perfect to grab, fill and go. Stylish yet understated and able to withstand daily use. Each suited a different need and made the perfect home away from home for your stuff. Reusable, sturdy and stylish; the shopper range is all that and more. It’s the ideal base for food and other goods that you need to get from A to B.