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Bianca Lorenne Tote Bag - Riad Sunset

Bianca Lorenne Tote Bag - Riad Sunset - Tea Pea Home

Bianca Lorenne Tote Bag - Riad Sunset

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A stylish and practical bag decorated with Bianca Lorennes' Riad sunset print. Generously sized to be used as a sustainable shopping bag, laptop carrier or beach bag.

It is 36 x 40 x 8cm.

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Bianca Lorenne is a New Zealand company, established in 2005 to fulfil a passion. Bianca Lorenne went about creating gorgeous bed linen and all things beautiful. Named after her daughters, Bianca and Lauren, this family-owned business started from their home. Bianca Lorenne’s vision is to design exquisite bed linen and home textiles for the discerning customer, through a unique and stunning brand. Fashioned by skilled artisans, with influences drawn from different centuries, cultures and traditions, this handcrafted couture range of bed linen and home textiles is created in a refined colour palette and embellished with exquisite adornments. Suitable for both the classic and contemporary home, these exclusive limited editions are released every six months.