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Billy Loves Audrey Magical Velvet Wings

Billy Loves Audrey Magical Velvet Wings

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Billy loves Audrey's magic fairy wings bring make-believe to life. If you dream big, you might even start to fly.

A touch of whimsy is added to velvet, glitter and ribbon detail all sprinkled with just the right amount of magic.

Sized for a child.

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With its debut collection in August 2016, Billy Loves Audrey designs cute, adorable and whimsical socks and hats for the toddler and young child. The debut collection reflects the magical world of Wild and Sassy Woodland Animals for boys and girls. Unique detailing on each sock has been carefully designed to create a 2D and playful take on embellishments such as crowns, ears and hats on sock bands, while the hats are a nod to the theatre of play. Penny van Schaik is based in Melbourne and enjoys over ten years design and importing for both the home and child.