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Black & Blum Stainless Steel Lunch Box - Olive

Black & Blum Stainless Steel Lunch Box - Olive

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The first truly leak-proof stainless steel lunch box. It is a 3 in 1, multi-functional lunch box allowing you to transport your lunch, cook dishes in the oven, and even store pre-cooked meals in a freezer.

Stainless steel
Includes a silicone strap, a stainless steel fork and slider-divider to separate foods.
L 20cm  W 15cm  H 6.5cm.

Dan Black and Martin Blum met while studying industrial design at Northumbria University. In 1998, not long after graduating, they formed Black & Blum. Although the company started as a consultancy, their passion lay in developing and selling their own designs and they launched their first range of lighting in 2000. The range quickly grew and they entered the homeware market in 2002, with the launch of their iconic James the doorman.