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Blackwing XIX Series Replacement Erasers (10 pack)

Blackwing XIX Series Replacement Erasers (10 pack)

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Hack your Blackwing pencil and give it a custom look with Blackwing's replacement erasers. These purple replacement erasers were released alongside the Blackwing XIX, our tribute to the 19th Amendment and the continued fight for voting rights in the United States and around the world. Each set comes with 10 replacement erasers.

Set of 10, so you can rub, rub away in comfort.

Blackwing (previously Palomino) is a division of California Cedar Products, the world’s leading supplier of wooden pencils. California Cedar has a rich history of developing extraordinary products through six generations of family stewardship. With pencil industry roots dating back to the mid 19th century, California Cedar has built a long tradition of excellence, the most famous of which is its Blackwing pencils. California Cedar is also responsible for launching the historic ForestChoice line of eco-friendly products, including the ForestChoice graphite pencil which was the world’s first FSC-certified pencil. Blackwing's spirit of innovation and dedication to quality ensures that all of their products reflect the same creativity they hope to inspire in you. Their story starts with a pencil, but it doesn’t end there. They're a team of writers, artists, musicians, designers, and DIYers who think the world is a little bit better when you slow down.