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Blackwing Replacement Erasers (10 pack) - Standard

Blackwing Replacement Erasers (10 pack) - Standard - Tea Pea Home

Blackwing Replacement Erasers (10 pack) - Standard

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Replacement erasers for the Blackwing and Blackwing 602 pencils.

Set of 10, so you can rub, rub away in comfort. 

We have these in a range of colours. Please select from the pulldown menu.

Blackwing (previously Palomino) is a division of California Cedar Products, the world’s leading supplier of wooden pencils. California Cedar has a rich history of developing extraordinary products through six generations of family stewardship. With pencil industry roots dating back to the mid 19th century, California Cedar has built a long tradition of excellence, the most famous of which is its Blackwing pencils. California Cedar is also responsible for launching the historic ForestChoice line of eco-friendly products, including the ForestChoice graphite pencil which was the world’s first FSC-certified pencil. Blackwing's spirit of innovation and dedication to quality ensures that all of their products reflect the same creativity they hope to inspire in you.