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Burgon & Ball UK Indoor Watering Can

Burgon & Ball UK Indoor Watering Can

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Houseplants add so much to a home’s style, so to care for them, why use a watering can which is anything less than gorgeous?

This stylish indoor watering can is the perfect marriage of design and performance. The slender spout is perfect for delivering water just where it’s needed – and nowhere else. The smooth FSC beechwood handle is extremely tactile and feels beautiful in the hand, giving precise control over pouring. And the watering can is beautifully moulded in steel for a smooth, flawless finish, with a tough powder coating to ensure it stays looking good.

Powder-coated steel with FSC beech handle
25cm w x 12cm d x 10cm w.
Capacity 0.7 litres

Burgon & Ball have been working with steel in Sheffield since 1730. They started manufacturing agricultural shears in an area known since the 14th century for its skills in knives and steel. Their heritage is extremely important to them because it's their experience which makes their tools some of the very best you can buy.