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Darling Clementine Norway Boxes - Rust Series

Darling Clementine Norway Boxes - Rust Series

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If you are an organised person that loves order and loathes clutter, then these Darling Clementine boxes are for you.

Beautiful and solidly made, bound boxes with a patterned lining.

We have these in a range of sizes. Please select from the pulldown menu.
Small - 27 x 18 x 7cm
Medium - 29 x 20 x 9cm
Large - 32 x 22 x 10cm

Darling Clementine is a small Norwegian design agency founded in 2006 by Ingrid Reithaug and Tonje Holand that is inspired by the past and their Scandinavian design heritage. They aim to produce stationery that'll make you happy, ecstatic, nostalgic and surprised. All products are made with a distinct focus on craftsmanship and quality.