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Donsje Amsterdam Tooth Fairy Bag - Off-White Leather

Donsje Amsterdam Tooth Fairy Bag - Off-White Leather

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A truly adorable handmade leather creation by Dutch designers Donsje Amsterdam.

This leather pouch in the shape of the sleepy tooth is completely adorable. The perfect place to store teeth under pillows awaiting collection.
It's an object that will become entwined in the memories and traditions of childhood. 

It is approx 10 x 7cm.

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Donsje is an Amsterdam based childrenswear brand founded in 2013. They design irresistibly cute footwear, clothing and accessories that are not only loved by kids but also by their parents. All their products are exclusive designs and handmade from premium leather and refined fabrics. Their signature style reflects the love for vintage treasures, the passion for natural materials and the inspiration from faraway places.