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Down to the Woods Cushion - Tooth Fairy

Down to the Woods Cushion - Tooth Fairy - Tea Pea

Down to the Woods Cushion - Tooth Fairy

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Losing teeth has never been so much fun.

Tuck teeth into the tiny pocket hidden under her wings and let this little tooth fairy fly away with your tooth... In exchange for some cold-hard-cash of course.

They are 15cm high.

100% wool. Made in Nepal.

Established in 2009 by Amber Clohesy, it came from small beginning with only a handful of products to today's broad offering of homewares for big and little people. Their Melbourne based studio is home and is full of like minded folk of all ages. Their product direction's dictated by an eclectic range of personal interests: mid-century design, a love of colour, travel and Christmas, all brought together to create their well known and much loved ranges. They pride themselves on award winning products; always designed well, mostly handmade and always ethically manufactured.