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Hansel from Basel US Pita Bag - Camel Cheetah

Hansel from Basel US Pita Bag - Camel Cheetah

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Say hello to one of Hansel from Basel's newer bag shapes inspired by, you guessed it, everyone’s favourite pocket-y bread snack. Be fast to nab this cheetah-print style and carry it with absolutely everything (we consider the timeless spotted pattern a neutral).

Cotton blend and cotton twill lined.

The shape is oval, so it measures 51cm the longest way (in the direction of the zip). The shorter length the other way is 45cm.

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Los Angeles-based artist-turned-designer Hannah Byun created Hansel from Basel in 2007 as a way to apply a sense of much-needed zest to everyday legwear. Originally inspired by Hannah’s childhood nickname (“Hansel”) and her fascination with Switzerland (therefore “from Basel”), the collection is forever and always finding inspiration in every nook and cranny of life, from the mundane to the magical. A great deal of attention, care and most of all, pride, make our spirited socks, tights and accessories not only feel so very special but encourage us to always continue evolving.