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Humanature Supplement - Enzogenol 240MG & Vitamin C

Humanature Supplement - Enzogenol 240MG & Vitamin C - Tea Pea

Humanature Supplement - Enzogenol 240MG & Vitamin C

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Professional Strength Formula

Enzogenol assists healthy cognitive function, mental energy, low oxidant stress levels, healthy blood vessels and circulation.

75 Caps total.

Each capsule contains:
Enzogenol® dry extract from Pinus radiata bark 240 mg
Vitamin C 30 mg
Cellulose capsules, Tapioca starch.

Adults: 1-2 caps/day
Children: 1 cap/day (or as directed).

ENZOGENOL® was discovered by Canterbury University in 1997. Researchers discovered that they could extract a mixture of plant compounds, known as flavonoids, from the bark of the Radiata pines that are grown in New Zealand, and that this flavonoid mixture had exceptionally high anti-oxidant activity. Humanature picked up this discovery and ran with it – recognising that it had the potential to change lives.

They source the finest sustainable Pinus Radiata from the pristine Kaingaroa forest, processing it with their patented pure water method.

From bark to box, they control the whole process. ENZOGENOL® is solvent and chemical free – the most pure, most potent extract to help make every body better from the brain down.