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iBride France Baby Alpaga Cabinet - Sparkling Green

iBride France Baby Alpaga Cabinet - Sparkling Green

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From the very day of his birth, Baby Alpaga is already endowed with long, silky fleece. The only thing he asks for is to snuggle up against a sofa or to sit at your bedside... His elegant coat gives him the appearance of a miniature standing boudoir, behind which objects and secrets can be discreetly sheltered. The alter ego of intimacy, he reveals his mysteries only to those who have tamed him.

Half animal, half vegetation, the presence of the new ibride piece of furniture is puzzling. This mysterious piece of furniture seems to breathe under its long silky coat. 

Auxiliary furniture or bedside table
Has a hidden storage
High-pressure laminate and viscose
Indoor use
Flat packed, assembly required

He is 72cm h x 66cm w x 27cm d.
The weight is 10 kgs

Made in France.

Available to NZ only. Due to it's size and weight, we are unable to supply this freight free. Please contact us and we can arrange our best freight cost for you.

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ibride is an independent design house based in Fontain, France. It cultivates difference by offering singular and poetic creations that combine references to nature and the animal world. The ibride object denounces the ordinary by its singular combination of attraction and rejection. Nature and the animal world bring a living dimension to creations that are both disturbing and functional.