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iBride France Portrait Serving Tray / Art Piece - Diane

iBride France Portrait Serving Tray / Art Piece - Diane

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Beyond appearances, sweet and harmless, Diane lets us glimpse her true temperament, independent and determined. Make no mistake, "sophisticated" is not foolish. Chains and necklaces are not always real jewels, Diane knows it and is not really attached to it...  

This amazing wall tray by French designer Rachel Convers features an incredibly detailed poodle's head on a human body in the style of a historic painting. It forms part of Ibride's new amazing and character-filled "Galerie de Portraits" range of waterproof and heat resistant trays.

The double function of the Gallery of Portraits creations allows them to stand in your interiors in the form of master serving trays or domestic paintings. 

Serving tray or art piece - you choose
Wall fixing included
Good resistance to scratching with high-pressure laminate
Good water and heat resistance
Dishwasher safe

She is 65 x 47cm.

Made in France.

ibride is an independent design house based in Fontain, France. It cultivates difference by offering singular and poetic creations that combine references to nature and the animal world. The ibride object denounces the ordinary by its singular combination of attraction and rejection. Nature and the animal world bring a living dimension to creations that are both disturbing and functional.