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Icelandic Sheepskin Rug - Natural White

Icelandic Sheepskin Rug - Natural White

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Natural white Icelandic sheepskin rug, from the glaciers of Iceland, has many wonderful characteristics that make this a decor accessory you'll want in your home. It's beautiful dual coat fleece combines both long and short natural wool to give the hide the most decadent softness and fluffiness in texture.

The Icelandic sheepskin rug is a versatile home accessory that brings an element of 'Scandi Chic' style into a room simply by draping it over furniture or placing it on the floor as a decorative floor covering

Approximate size 110 - 120cm length x 80cm width.

Please note, being a natural product, slight size variations do occur.

The tanning process of this Icelandic sheepskin is environmentally friendly, making it perfectly safe for adults, children and pets. No harsh chemicals are used during the tanning process that is harmful for health, ensuring the process meets the essential European Union directives concerning environmental preservation and protection.