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Izola US Liquid Soaps

Izola US Liquid Soaps

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Give your bathroom or kitchen a majorly stylish upgrade with these luxurious hand soaps housed in handsome glass bottles. Featuring the same elegant one-note fragrances as the Izola candles, the lather from this moisturizing liquid will scent an entire room.

The gentle, but effective formulation features calming cucumber and green tea extracts along with moisturising aloe vera and vitamin E. Sized at a generous 240ml, these soothing suds will provide good clean fun for months. The bottle is made from 100% recycled glass.

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Izola began nearly a decade ago when its founder Neil Rasmus hatched the idea of bringing great design to everyday objects and tools. Made with great care and attention to detail, they design functional everyday staples. Whether it's barware, grooming tools, style accessories, luggage or homewares, the goal at Izola is to make well-designed and stylish goods for men and the women who love them. Their hope is that you’ll take Izola goods with you on your journeys and battle test them.