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Jolie Home Metal Leaf - Silver

Jolie Home Metal Leaf - Silver

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Jolie Metal Leaf is made from the finest Italian brass, copper, and aluminium. Applying Metal Leaf is an authentic way of adding metallic accents to furniture, walls, ceilings, and accessories. Leave Jolie Metal Leaf shining brilliantly or create an aged appearance with coloured Jolie Finishing Waxes.

25 leaves. Each leaf is 14 x 14cm.

For a how-to on applying this great product click here.

Jolie Home's founders Lisa and Scott Rickert, along with Lisa’s brother Jason Mobley, launched Jolie Home on November 6, 2018. As an entrepreneurial trio, they bring nearly 10 years of experience building the DIY furniture paint market across the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Jolie Home is headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana in the US and Melbourne in Australia. At Jolie Home, they believe there should always be an easy way to make your life beautiful – and that includes the space you live in. Everyone deserves a home that offers beauty, balance and peace to their everyday lives. Jolie is the paint for everyone. They want to help everyday people realize a happier life through creative expression, community and balanced, well-designed interiors.