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Jolie Home Paint - Slate

Jolie Home Paint - Slate

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Jolie Paint in Slate is a gorgeous, dark, subdued blue with greyish undertones. This colour works great for traditional or European style interiors, as well as Industrial.

Jolie Paint is a water-based, non-toxic, and quick-drying paint for furniture, floors, walls, and home accessories. Achieve beautiful painted finishes, such as smooth, modern, distressed, textured and many more. Jolie Paint adheres to almost any surface, including wood, matte plastics, stone, brick, concrete, and metal.

No priming or sanding • Beautiful, mixable colours • Superior coverage

We have these in a couple of sizes. Please select from the pulldown menu.
One Quart

One quart (946ml) covers approximately 13.9 square meters
One 4oz (118ml) covers approximately 1.7 square meters.
Actual coverage may vary depending on surface and application.

What can I paint?
Apply Jolie Paint to clean, dry surfaces such as wood, metal, brick, stone, and previously painted furniture, cabinetry, walls and floors.
Jolie Paint and Finishing Waxes are considered food and baby safe after they have had 14 days to cure. In other words, they are safe to use on baby furniture.
Jolie Paint can be used for exterior projects but should not be sealed with Finishing Wax or other topcoats. It is important to allow moisture to pass through the paint and allow it to naturally weather over time when outdoors.

How do I prep my surface?
Clean your surface with a biodegradable cleaner, rinse and allow it to thoroughly dry.
At this point, you are usually ready to start painting. However, there are some exceptions. A quick sand with some medium grit sandpaper will help the paint to adhere over very shiny and/or non-porous surfaces such as melamine and laminate. In these cases, apply a thin coat of Jolie Paint after sanding and allow it dry for 48 hours to give the paint time to begin the curing process and promote adhesion.

Jolie Paint is a water-based paint, which means that tannins and stains can “bleed” into the paint as it dries and create unsightly stains. This is most noticeable on open-grained woods such as oak and mahogany. If you see these discolourations, simply wipe on a coat of fresh shellac (available at most home stores) to block the stains. Allow the shellac to dry, and then paint over it. We don’t advise sanding mahogany pieces prior to painting as this will allow the stain to more easily leach into the paint.

How should I use Jolie Paint?
Jolie Paint should always be shaken and thoroughly stirred prior to use.
Pour your paint into a separate container while working and clean the rim of your paint can as soon as possible. This will make it easier to properly close the can when you are done.
Do not add water directly to the can as it can contaminate the paint.
Paint should be applied in ambient temperatures, between 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit.
Allow adequate drying time between coats. The paint is dry when it no longer feels cool to the touch.

This product is only available to be freighted within New Zealand.

Jolie Home's founders Lisa and Scott Rickert, along with Lisa’s brother Jason Mobley, launched Jolie Home on November 6, 2018. As an entrepreneurial trio, they bring nearly 10 years of experience building the DIY furniture paint market across the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Jolie Home is headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana in the US and Melbourne in Australia. At Jolie Home, they believe there should always be an easy way to make your life beautiful – and that includes the space you live in. Everyone deserves a home that offers beauty, balance and peace to their everyday lives. Jolie is the paint for everyone. They want to help everyday people realize a happier life through creative expression, community and balanced, well-designed interiors.