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Kartotek Copenhagen Hardcover Guided Journal - Travel

Kartotek Copenhagen Hardcover Guided Journal - Travel

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This Travel Journal is the first book in Karotek's new series of Guided Journals. Their vision with the guided journals is to not merely give you a planning tool but to help you catch a moment in your life. The cloth bound Travel Journal will be your new favourite item on the bookshelf and allows you to capture the highlights of your trips and vacations to be explored over and over again across time and generations. 

Whether it is to share a must do travel tip or remembering the hidden family-owned restaurant in downtown Saigon, the Travel Journal holds it for you.  

The Travel Journal holds room for eight trips and covers everything from planning, experiencing and reflecting on your trip. For each trip, it has trip preparation section, a packing list, travel calendar, trip highlights, visual memories and reflections. 

Go ahead, catch and share your memories.

It is 13.5 x 18.5cm.

Kartotek Copenhagen is a Danish stationery and design accessories brand. They design for the small everyday moments where we are at peace with ourselves or share time with those we care for. We search for ways to slow the pace of everyday life and make these small moments feel special. One of the sentences you would hear most often in their design process is “could we make it more simple?” Their vision is to create a Danish design brand that reflects the Scandinavian simplicity with a modern and yet classical graphic touch and to combine this with high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. Kartotek is the Danish word for a card-index or card file system or furniture - used in libraries and other places to keep track of users and their files.