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Kinto Japan 1L Capsule Water Carafe

Kinto Japan 1L Capsule Water Carafe

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This really is an elegant piece of design. We have 2 and we constantly get asked where we got them from. This simple water carafe from Kinto has a lid that opens automatically when the bottle is tipped, allowing you to pour from the rim in any direction. Pouring from the carafe into a glass is an easy process one handed process and the smart lid ensures you do not lose ice cubes or fruit. The carafe has a wide opening and is easy to wash and is made from heat resistant glass. The compact, slim design saves space in your refrigerator.

Designed in Japan. 

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Kinto is a Japanese design company that develops original and customized products. Balancing usability and aesthetics, they create products such as a coffee dripper, teapot and tableware, with a focus on tactile and ease of use. As makers, they value the balance between usability and aesthetics. Products with an ease of use are comforting to all the senses and lead to a growing fondness over time. Tableware with elegant presence blends naturally with the living space and adds colour to daily life. They aspire to create products that stand by you in your everyday life. This is why they continue to seek inspiration from moments and stories held precious by the users and work to create products which will inspire and fulfilment with every touch and use.