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Kirstin Ash Bespoke Gemstone - Freshwater Pearl Droplet

Kirstin Ash Bespoke Gemstone - Freshwater Pearl Droplet

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The stunning organic shape of the freshwater pearl makes this piece truly unique. Kirstin's love affair with pearls has brought a stunning lustre to the Voyage collection, with the Freshwater Pearl Droplet a quintessential design to the range. The tiny crystal hangs below the pearl, whilst the simple bail design allows the charm to hang freely. We wear this piece on a shorter chain.

Pearl: 5.5-6mm
Droplet: 2.2mm

Voyage Collection
Inspired by the nostalgia of trips gone by and the anticipation of travels to come, Voyage features a range of charms and coins, set in 18k vermeil and solid 14k - adorned with diamonds, pearls, Swarovski Crystals and semi-precious stones. Somewhere along our journey, we pick up mementoes, tucking them away in our luggage for safekeeping. Trinkets that remind us of those fleeting moments; the stones you found walking along the pebble beaches of Milos, the hand-carved relics from Ubud markets, that polaroid you were jipped into paying for outside the Colosseum in Rome.

With a number of pieces designed to feature personalised engraving, the Voyage collection is a testament to our love of bespoke jewellery. 

From the coordinates of your favourite place, a special date, quote, phrase or symbol, these pieces are made to serve as vessels for your memories, and lucky charms for your future journeys. 

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Born in New Zealand and now based in Sydney, Kirstin continues to evolve the company as the lead designer alongside her brother and business partner Nick. Since the brand’s inception, Kirstin continues to experiment with unconventional mediums and design techniques. Eight years later, her distinctive aesthetic and strength of product design have nurtured the brand to where it is today. Kirstin’s great strength has always been in creating collections that weave a story and evoke a sentiment for the wearer. This quality hasn’t been overlooked by the press, and Kirstin’s pieces have gained exposure in Vogue, In Style, and Madison, amongst many other fashion titles.