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Kirstin Ash Fines Necklace - Infinity Loop

Kirstin Ash Fines Necklace - Infinity Loop

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Infinity Loop Necklace in sterling silver, 18k rose gold or 18k gold vermeil.

KA Fines is a simple luxe jewellery range with delicate textures and gemstones to create a unique and tailored look.

Handmade from sterling silver, the 18K gold vermeil and 18K rose gold vermeil with a palladium barrier layer to ensure a high quality finish.

Contrasting and complimentary, KA Fines rings, chain bracelets and elegant stud earrings are designed to be layered for a modern everyday luxury.

This chain is adjustable between 16-18" (40.5-45.7cm). The large loop is 11mm and small loop is 8mm in diameter.

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Born in New Zealand and now based in Sydney, Kirstin continues to evolve the company as the lead designer alongside her brother and business partner Nick. Since the brand’s inception, Kirstin continues to experiment with unconventional mediums and design techniques. Eight years later, her distinctive aesthetic and strength of product design have nurtured the brand to where it is today. Kirstin’s great strength has always been in creating collections that weave a story and evoke a sentiment for the wearer. This quality hasn’t been overlooked by the press, and Kirstin’s pieces have gained exposure in Vogue, In Style, and Madison, amongst many other fashion titles.