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Kirstin Ash She Collection Amulet - Wisdom

Kirstin Ash She Collection Amulet - Wisdom

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Her insight and understanding is profound. She sees both sides of the coin and her ability to rationalise and yet empathise ensures her constant support to those who surround her. She does not judge. She listens. Her warmth has a ripple effect. Her wisdom radiates.

Thoughtfully designed and lovingly made, the Wisdom Amulet features bespoke linework inspired by profound insight and understanding. Classic in its form and beautiful in its meaning, this illustration has been cast onto a satin disc and can be worn layered or steadfast on its own. The smooth reverse side of this amulet is engravable.

Eternally enchanting, Morocco forms the backdrop of She. Cradled by the desert, She. sits between the golden light and the ochre tones. Inspired by the artisans, the labyrinthine of the alleyways, and the magic found behind every riad door, this collection is a time-honoured nod to handcrafted textures, satin finishes and the captivating colours of Tiger's Eye and Agate.

In sterling silver, 18k rose gold vermeil or 18k gold vermeil. Please select from the pulldown menu. All amulets and chains have a sterling silver base.
Vermeil is a historical French plating method that uses a palladium barrier layer and heavy 18k gold or rose gold plating.

Amulet dia - 18.5mm
Chain length - 46 - 51cm adjustable.

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Born in New Zealand and now based in Sydney, Kirstin continues to evolve the company as the lead designer alongside her brother and business partner Nick. Since the brand’s inception, Kirstin continues to experiment with unconventional mediums and design techniques. Eight years later, her distinctive aesthetic and strength of product design have nurtured the brand to where it is today. Kirstin’s great strength has always been in creating collections that weave a story and evoke a sentiment for the wearer. This quality hasn’t been overlooked by the press, and Kirstin’s pieces have gained exposure in Vogue, In Style, and Madison, amongst many other fashion titles.