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Kollab Poly Lunch Box - Khaki Floral

Kollab Poly Lunch Box - Khaki Floral

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Chill out while you're keeping it fresh travelling to and from work, or school with Kollab's Lunch Boxes. Don't need it for your lunch? Easy, it's multifunctional, use it as a stylish storage solution instead. This patterned design Lunch Box from Kollab is made for year-round use so you can eat your lunch anywhere, anytime. Fully insulated to keep your contents fresh and cool, it is a practical and stylish alternative to store your lunch for work or while you are on the go. The Kollab patterned lunchbox is constructed in their signature water-resistant material and finished with coordinated durable rPET (recycled) cotton look handles. Packing the kids up for a long car trip? Grab a Kollab lunch bag each for the journey. As with all Kollab designs their lunch bag is multipurpose, so fill it with games to keep them entertained in the car. Alternatively, store up to six bottles or canned drinks (375ml) for picnics, beach visits or popping over to see friends.

Insulated lunch bag
Water-resistant construction
Vegan-friendly leather look handles
22cmx x 17.5cm h x 14.5cm d.

Functionality doesn't need to be boring, which is what motivated two inquisitive mums to put a fresh injection of individuality and style into run-of-the-mill shopper totes, lunch bags, coolers and kitchenwares. Kollab is all about making the practical fashionable and expressing innovation through original designs and signature prints.

All of their pieces are multifunctional storage, and travel solutions have been composed by Australian creatives in an array of tones and patterns.

We are proud stockists of this brand and like so many of the other brands we stock, we use them all the time in our home. 

You will appreciate each pattern and artistic element, from green palms, florals, abstract people and solid colours and how they represent the world around us. They add a little whimsy to your look without compromising on functionality. These patterns sometimes shout out bright and colourful but also have a great mix of earthy and spring palettes with a calming look and feel. Kollab seasonally does collaborations with other designers, sometimes ones like Kip & Co that we already stock, keeping the collection fresh and exciting.

Stockists of Original & Signature Storage

As Kollab stockists, we believe anything is possible when combining practicality and fashion. The versatility of the shopper totes with its large space and internal phone, wallet and keys pocket is proof that you can look great without compromising on size and sturdiness.

Enjoy life to the fullest with lunch bags and drink bottles with a difference, they have been infused with style, giving you a unique look when out on a family picnic. The lunch bags will keep everything fresh and well insulated, alongside one of the shopper totes you can pack bathers and towels for an afternoon at the beach. All their items are durable and water-resistant, making them perfect for getting out and about.

This collection has been created with you in mind, to inspire you to infuse a little colour into your life that takes you outdoors to savour your surroundings. Shop now and enjoy the many benefits of getting organised beautifully.