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Kollab Poly Lunch Box - Lion

Kollab Poly Lunch Box - Lion

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Chill out while you're keeping it fresh travelling to & from work, or school with Kollab's Lunch Boxes. Don't need it for your lunch? Easy, it's multifunctional, use it as a stylish storage solution instead.

Insulated lunch bag
Water-resistant construction
Durable cotton canvas handles
It is 22cm l x 17cm h x 14.5cm  d.

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Why can’t everyday essentials be beautiful, as well as functional & affordable? They can. Built on the belief that everyday essentials don’t have to be basic, at Kollab they're continually re-inventing everyday essentials with original designs and signature prints. Wanting to create something more than just totes, cooler bags & beach bags, all of their products are multifunctional in design, and at the core, are all storage solutions. Lunch boxes for Lego, stash bags for phone chargers, clutches for documents...

Kollab is the practical made fashionable - for everybody.