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Laing Cashmere Scarf / Wrap

Laing Cashmere Scarf / Wrap

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For warmth. For colour. For travel. No matter how you use Laing's Cashmere wrap scarves, they will become your daily essential this Winter, with all the warmth and none of the weight. Made from super-soft Mongolian Cashmere.

They are 60 x 180cm
Fine rib edges
Cold hand wash. Do not wring or twist. Dry flat

We have these in raspberry.

Cashmere Care
Do not hang your cashmere it will stretch out of shape. Keep it folded flat.
Let your cashmere rest between wears. Try to allow it to rest a couple of days between each wear to allow the fibres to relax and air.
If it needs a little press to get rid of pesky wrinkles, lightly iron on reverse on low with a gentle steam.
Cashmere, like all wools, does not really need to be washed too regularly. The fibres do not retain odours and over-washing can break down the natural fibres. Just lightly air your garment after wearing to keep it feeling fresh
If you get a small, light stain, do not spot clean. And definitely, don’t rub the stain this can break the delicate fibres. Mix a small amount of stain remover with cold water, apply to stain for a few minutes and then wash the whole garment.
Any stain bigger than a light stain - take to the dry cleaner. But do not dry clean your cashmere regularly as it can damage the fibres natural oils.
It’s best to hand wash your cashmere. Do so by hand in a large tub or hand basin in cold water. Warm or hot will shrink your garment. But do not soak for longer than 10 mins.
Use a mild detergent or hair shampoo. What’s gentle on your hair, is perfect for cashmere.
Gently press out the soapy water, rinse in cold water, press out the water again. Rolling up in a towel to get rid of the excess water is always good. Then lie flat to dry away from heat and sunlight.
When wearing, watch out for anything that will rub or catch. The fine yarns are easily broken.
Piling will occur around areas that the garment is getting ongoing friction -under and down the sides of arms, around cuffs and sometimes across the shoulders/back if you are working in an office chair all day.
When piling occurs, use a cashmere comb to remove the pills, then hand wash, dry flat and gently steam press.

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Designed in New Zealand by ex-marketing and advertising executive, Anna Murray, Laing came about from her search for the elusive perfect sleepwear. A love of sleep, followed by lounging around in her pyjamas, meant the hunt for the perfect look was always on. As much as that search was around comfort, it was also driven by wanting sleepwear that reflected who she was; a grown-up, confident woman who dresses fashionably and with care outside the home. Fine cotton is used in many styles using only long-staple 60’s & 80’s, meaning they wash, wear and look beautiful for longer. French-seamed for the perfect finish, piped, pleated and tailored, the garments have been created as flattering classics to be loved for years, not a season. They are an investment in a stylish night’s sleep whether at home or travelling.