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Lapin & Me The Lost Toys Collection - Mini Astrid Blue

Lapin & Me The Lost Toys Collection - Mini Astrid Blue

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The Lost Toys collection has arrived! A series of mini-sized collectables, perfect for play or decoration. Based on toys of the past often lost, forgotten, found in a box in the attic or in a treasure box you find at nana's house.

Astrid is ready for adventures, dressed in a blue spacesuit ready for intergalactic fun, in your dolls house or sitting on your shelf. Having a space themed party? Astrid makes a great party bag gift.

She is approx 9cm.

Lapin & Me is a UK based design company offering a carefully curated collection of unique, design-led gifts for you, your children and your home. They adore combining vintage and modern and don't follow the crowd and strive to bring originality to their collection, staying true to their roots, with a nod to nostalgic childhood memories to make children and grown-ups alike smile.