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Larssons Tra Sweden Christmas Decoration - Santa Albin

Larssons Tra Sweden Christmas Decoration - Santa Albin

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Santa Albin is one of our most cherished Christmas ornaments. His cute look is irresistible, and he will help to get into the true Christmas spirit every year. He is the husband of Santa Alma. He makes a unique gift and will become a 'hand-me-down' for generations ahead. Made, almost completely by hand, in Santa's workshop in the dark forests of Sweden.

Made from wood, wool, felt and knits.

He is 16cm tall.

Made in Sweden.

Started in 1946 in Tranemo, Sweden, Larssons Tra is a manufacturer of furniture and wood products that once a year closes down production and makes very Scandinavian Christmas decorations. These are quite traditional Nordic pieces that you will treasure and will hand on to your children.