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Le Bon Shoppe LA Her Socks - Copper Black

Le Bon Shoppe LA Her Socks - Copper Black - Tea Pea Home

Le Bon Shoppe LA Her Socks - Copper Black

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The perfect height, the perfect amount of sparkle, knit socks.

90% nylon, 8% lurex, 2% spandex
One size fits most.

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Le Bon Shoppe, based in Los Angeles was created by 3 girlfriends who met while in the fashion industry and bonded instantly over their love of good food, vintage-hunting, natural textiles, and the road less travelled. Tired of the fleeting trendiness of the fast-fashion industry, as well as the inflated premiums of the high fashion industry, the three girls dreamed of a better middle where fashion was beautiful, had character and was made to last in both quality and aesthetic. The dream turned into action when one night the three girls started talking about how they could never find the right socks to go with their shoes, they wished there was a better-designed sock to look good and feel good with all the shoes... and just like that, over a bottle of wine, Le Bon Shoppe was born, with attention towards beautiful textiles, subtle designs and prismatic colours and an intention to always provide the best quality at a lovely price.