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Lillie's Q US BBQ Sauce & Rub - Hot Smoky

Lillie's Q US BBQ Sauce & Rub - Hot Smoky - Tea Pea Home

Lillie's Q US BBQ Sauce & Rub - Hot Smoky

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This Memphis-style fire starter is sweet up front but finishes with plenty of heat. A touch of brown sugar and cayenne makes HOT SMOKY perfect for your slow-cooked ribs and tri-tip beef.

Ketchup, brown sugar, filtered water, cider vinegar, mustard, tomato paste, natural smoke flavour, apple juice, lime juice, garlic powder, salt, Worcestershire, other natural spices.

435 grams.

Lillie’s Q hails from Illinois, Chicago and believes in using all natural ingredients and staying true to the heritage of each region Chef Charlie has competed in along the BBQ circuit. Spicy cayenne from Memphis; apple and lime juices from Western Carolina; vinegar from Eastern Carolina; tangy mustard from South Carolina; mayonnaise and black pepper from Northern Alabama.