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Men's Society UK Gin Lovers Kit

Men's Society UK Gin Lovers Kit

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Men's Society has sourced the finest natural botanicals, dried them and put them together in this sensational cocktail making and twin-glass gift set. They will love experimenting with star anise, juniper berries and hibiscus flowers. Once they've found their favourite combination, they'll never pour a drink without them. This gift set also comes with premium gin glasses, stirrers, coasters and a notebook.

Rediscover the classic G&T. This kit includes natural botanicals and the perfect glasses to enjoy a drink like you never have before.

Gin drinkers know there's more to a great gin & tonic than those two ingredients. We love to end the day with a refreshing glass of London Dry and premium tonic, so we took it upon ourselves to find the perfect ingredients which add to the flavour. After many glasses (they were very thorough) they settled on our three favourite botanicals; sourced them from the finest growers and dried them naturally to keep them tasting their best. You'll find those magical ingredients, carefully selected glasses, cheekily labelled stirrers, coasters and a notebook and pencil in this perfect gift set for gin drinkers.

Juniper berries
Star Anise
Hibiscus flowers
2 G&T glasses
2 Stirrers
2 Coasters

The packaging for this kit is a cylinder. It measures 20 x 10cm.

Men's Society, based in London, was founded and created by Hugo and Bella at their kitchen table. Ambitions were dreamt around it, ideas sketched on it and product made at it. The business has grown (along with their family) and they now sell worldwide, but still make everything by hand in Britain and they're super proud of that. Although they may have outgrown their original table, they still hold the same dreams, drive and attention to detail that they had at that kitchen table all those years ago.