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Men's Society UK Moustache Grooming Kit

Men's Society UK Moustache Grooming Kit

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Keep the 'tache looking terrific.

This kit is everything you need to keep the handlebars on point. It'll raise a smile but this is no novelty throwaway. The moustache wax in this kit is luxurious, hand blended and softening for the skin beneath the moustache.

Quick tip: the moustache comb in this kit is perfect for teasing dirt, pollutants (and food) out of your 'tache. It's small enough to fit in your pocket without anybody noticing, so take it with you everywhere you go. Plus, whipping out the comb while you wait for an appointment or acquaintance is a brilliant way to look sophisticated.

100% natural moustache wax in a 12g tin
Stainless steel scissors. (8.6cm)
Metal moustache comb
Perfectly sized metal moustache comb.

Moustache Wax: beeswax, coconut oil, vitamin E.

No animal testing; no parabens; no silicones.

Men's Society, based in London, was founded and created by Hugo and Bella at their kitchen table. Ambitions were dreamt around it, ideas sketched on it and product made at it. The business has grown (along with their family) and they now sell worldwide, but still make everything by hand in Britain and they're super proud of that. Although they may have outgrown their original table, they still hold the same dreams, drive and attention to detail that they had at that kitchen table all those years ago.