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Milligram Ambient Lamp - White

Milligram Ambient Lamp - White

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The Balance collection draws inspiration from the traditional weighing scale, which epitomises simplicity in form and function. Playing with a balance of primary forms and thin line-weights, the designs provide task and ambient light adaptable to any working surface or environment.  Fine profiles and clean lines are used to create an elegant balance of proportions, whilst integrated mechanics ensure seamless ergonomic function. 

The project is a collaboration between Milligram Studio and One Design Office (ODO). Both share a desire to produce thoughtful, well-designed objects, accessible to a large audience.

The ambient light reinterprets the classic floodlight. The circular light face balances one thin-profile arm which rests gently on any floor or surface or can be hung off objects to create an ambient wash of light. 

Great care has been taken in the manufacture to deliver thin line-weights and seamless functionality. The desk light uses an 8W LED 3000K warm white light source with a 99-year life span. The body comprised of aluminium and steel. 

160 x 160 x 90mm
8W LED light source 3000K fabric 2m cord
Rotatable head to direct light 99-year life span LED