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MoTex Label Makers

MoTex Label Makers - Tea Pea

MoTex Label Makers

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For the whole family, the MoTex label maker is easy to use and no batteries required.

It comes ready to use, and we've included a roll of pink or green tape to get you started. Perfect for labeling onto paper and crafty DIY.

Available in two colours (pink or green) and comes in a box with two wheels (emoticons and uppercase, numbers and lowercase).

Pink label makers come with a roll of pink tape. Green label makers come with a roll of green tape.

Remember to order a few different tape colours at the same time (heaps to choose from including clear and fun neons).

The label makers are 117 x 57 x 26mm.

The tape is adhesive to paper and can be used with glue or double-sided sellotape on any other surface.

Made in Korea.