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Muskhane France Pasu Felt Sausage Dog Cushion

Muskhane France Pasu Felt Sausage Dog Cushion

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Life is more fun when it’s accompanied by a trusted and adorable animal! The latest edition of Muskane's Pasu cushions range is a sausage dog. Low to the ground with its pointed muzzle and long ears, we can’t help but giggle while looking at it… Made entirely by hand by their craftsmen in Nepal, it’s going to be difficult not to adopt one.

Felt and Kapok
They are 55 x 25cm.

Muskhane is a state of mind. The name means 'smile' in Nepalese and it's this optimism that Valérie and Thierry hope to project. Since 2002, Muskhane draws its inspiration from the artisanal heritage of Nepal, rich in colours and quality materials to develop collections in felted wool and cashmere. The traditional methods of working with organic materials are still alive in the Kathmandu valley. Thanks to this rich cultural heritage, every decorative object, every accessory, and every piece of clothing from Muskhane is hand-made. It was here that Valérie learned the artisanal methods and the aesthetic born of her love of pure and clean design coupled with vibrant colours.