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Neon Poodle Neon Bulb - Love Me Warm White (Upright)

Neon Poodle Neon Bulb - Love Me Warm White (Upright) - Tea Pea Home

Neon Poodle Neon Bulb - Love Me Warm White (Upright)

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The light bulb re-invented. Neon Poodle is so excited to be releasing a world first neon bulb. Everything you want for neon in a bulb. Edison would be so happy.

This decorative LED light bulb will bring vivacity, warmth, colour, and personality to any space.

Upright reading
Constructed with an extra Long-life LED flexible filament
Suitable for standard and dimmable applications
Warm white
G125 bulb - 172mm high by 125mm wide
Lumen: 260 - Equivalent to 25W (decorative functions only).

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Neon Poodle is a clever little Australian company created by Sammy, a mum who wanted a lighting solution for her 4 year old daughter, Pepper. She really wanted a neon sign with her name and it was so difficult finding someone that could help her and even harder finding a safe product for a kids room, that she decided to create one for herself... and the rest as they say, is history.