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Neon Poodle Shaped Neon - Love Baby Warm White (Medium)

Neon Poodle Shaped Neon - Love Baby Warm White (Medium) - Tea Pea Home

Neon Poodle Shaped Neon - Love Baby Warm White (Medium)

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What better way to light up a child's room - perfect for a soft light in a bedroom. Ok, not just a child's... how's about the lounge, kitchen... where do you stop?

It is 27cm high by 25cm wide.

Neon fixed to a high quality clear acrylic. No fragile glass here. Designed for indoor use and to be wall hung using the attached picture hook. Each heart has 1.5 meters of white power cable which connects to normal power socket. These signs use LED flexible neon and last for up to 50,000 hours or 12 years of continuous use, yes that's 12 years running 24/7.

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Neon Poodle is a clever little Australian company created by Sammy, a mum who wanted a lighting solution for her 4 year old daughter, Pepper. She really wanted a neon sign with her name and it was so difficult finding someone that could help her and even harder finding a safe product for a kids room, that she decided to create one for herself... and the rest as they say, is history.