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Neon Poodle Shaped Neon - Sexy Legs Cool Pink

Neon Poodle Shaped Neon - Sexy Legs Cool Pink

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Nice pins. In pink neon, fixed to a high quality clear acrylic, sexy legs can be fixed in two positions, legs up or from the side. You can use the remote to turn on/off, dim low and use different in-built modes.

Each sexy legs has 2 meters of thin (3mm) transparent power cable which connects to normal power socket through a transformer.

Has a dimmer and an on/off switch. Use it as a night light when dimmed low.

It is 35 x 57cm.

Neon Poodle is a clever little Australian company created by Sammy, a mum who wanted a lighting solution for her 4 year old daughter, Pepper. She really wanted a neon sign with her name and it was so difficult finding someone that could help her and even harder finding a safe product for a kids room, that she decided to create one for herself... and the rest as they say, is history.