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Nkuku UK Zanti Vintage Bauble Set

Nkuku UK Zanti Vintage Bauble Set

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We have a lot of fun designing and selecting our Christmas collections, these pretty ribbed Zanti baubles were no exception. The glass artisans who hand make these stunning pieces show great attention to detail. The ribbed glass adds texture and the rustic finish ensures each bauble catches the light, adding to the Christmas magic.

Set of 3.

We have these in 2 sizes. Please select from the pulldown menu.

During year long travels throughout Africa and India, Alistair and Alexandra Cooke were inspired to create Nkuku and bring the skills and craftsmanship of the many artisans they met to the wider world.

Nkuku's elegant and industrial-look frames have a simple but stylish antique copper border and sturdy stand.

Nkuku's range of stylish frames, lanterns and display boxes are made from a mix of recycled light metals or recycled aluminium. Recycling metal has the additional benefit of using less energy and producing fewer emissions, while also being a versatile material that creates a beautiful finish. All of the glassware that Nkuku uses is handmade from recycled glass. Recycling glass requires 30% less energy to melt when compared with raw material. After the waste glass is collected and washed to remove any impurities, it is crushed and melted down before being hand blown or placed in moulds to create Nkuku's beautiful new products.

Nkuku, based in Devon, the United Kingdom, creates beautifully handmade home and lifestyle products. They work with artisans throughout the world, combining timeless design with traditional skills and natural materials.

One of Nkuku's key focuses is on fair trade, and they adhere to the globally accepted '10 Principles of Fair Trade'. They believe that trading fairly provides the artisans they work with an opportunity to build a future, and helps businesses develop while also creating sustainable employment. Along with their focus on fair trade, Nkuku has a strong eco-friendly ethos as they work with natural and recycled materials through sustainable methods of production, which in turn shapes their collections. All of Nkuku's items are handmade, which highlights the traditional skills used by their artisans that have been handed down from generation to generation.