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Odd Pears Socks - Scal

Odd Pears Socks - Scal

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Odd Pears' Scandi Pears, Scal, are bright, happy and dramatic amounts of cool. Reminiscent of days spent lazing by the beach in the sun, these socks are the perfect Pear to slap on some Birks and head out on the town in. And on the days that life is just too hot to handle we suggest blow up pool toys, Zooper Doopers, these babein' Pears and your So Fresh album from 2001. So if you're looking for some fun, grab a Pear for you and one for each of your crew and all of a sudden it's a gosh damn party. You're welcome. 

78% combed cotton, 20% nylon, 2% elastane.

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Odd Pears is an Australian company in the business of selling socks. Not just any kind of socks though, theirs are beautiful, fun, mismatched, colourful and creative. You see, they love socks; they love our socks matching and they love them odd. So, while deliberating on how to turn their passion into something special, they came up with Odd Pears. Odd Pears is an expression of individuality. They celebrate life, colour, creativity and fun and appreciate high-quality design - never let anyone define 'normal'. So welcome to the family. We hope your stay is as wonderful and colourful as these Pears are.