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Olga de Polga Fremantle Dress

Olga de Polga Fremantle Dress

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Olga de Polga's Fremantle dress is an absolute must-have. Worn across all seasons, this dress has all you will ever need, comfort, style and pockets! You are gonna wear the heck out of this seaside gem.

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60% rayon, 40% linen.

Made in Korea.

In 1995 Olga went overseas to work for a textile company. She was inspired by the prints and textures that she worked with every day, creating designs with the bold prints she worked with. Even from a young age, Olga loved searching for inspiration and treats every collection she creates today with the love and care. Later, she moved to Colombia and discovered a small town called Tasco in Mexico, which was famous for its silver. With this lustrous and rare silver, Olga started her design career creating intricate jewellery. There she discovered an entirely new love for design. Bringing the designs back to London, they sold out. From there, she began designing other accessories; purses and satchels and moved towards designing clothing. Her designs blew up and were officially picked up, by, Topshop’s Oxford Street flagship store in 1998. From there she went on to exhibit her collections at fashion shows - first in Europe - later, in Japan, US, and all over the world. She returned home to Melbourne to open her first Olga de Polga retail location on the famous Chapel Street.