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Olli Ella Dinkum Doll Pramble Folding Stroller

Olli Ella Dinkum Doll Pramble Folding Stroller

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The Olli Ella Pramble is made from 100% eco-friendly materials, including recycled rubber wheels, a removable canvas seat and a sturdy rattan frame - we have a feeling this one will be getting a workout up and down {and all around} hallways at home. 

The Pramble features a pocket for them to keep their favourite bits and bobs close, perfect for Holdie Folk, blooms and tiny treasures. 

It folds for easy storage and is lightweight for your small folk to carry places.  

Rattan frame
Canvas seat (removable and machine-washable)
Recycled plastic wheels and attachments
Storage pocket for small bits and bobs
Folds flat
Lightweight 800g.

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Olli Ella was born in 2009 In London, England. Sisters Chloe and Olivia Brookman set out to create a collection of nursery furniture and baby bedding that was playful, iconic, and above all, beautifully made. Olli Ella make homewares, apparel, children's products, toys and baskets. Makers of the Luggy Basket, Olli Ella use natural materials, with a focus on ethical, sustainably sourced and fair trade design-led products produced around the world.